Welcome to Ambitchious

Are you desiring true sisterhood in a non-judgmental and safe environment?

Do you feel like lately social media has become the swamp of sadness filled with snarky keyboard warriors? 

Are you sometimes afraid to post your opinions on your wall in fear that you may be judged harshly or cause a raucous?

Did you try to be social on social media only to find that no one even sees your posts? 

 Are you craving a safe place where your self-worth is not based on how many friends, followers, comments or likes you receive?  

Well, HBIC, I am here to tell you that there is a space that exists where you will feel supported, validated, seen and part of something bigger. 

Our Ambitchious community is filled with encouragement, support and true sisterhood. 

It's a safe place to connect, be social and network with like-minded individuals, without having to log in to a toxic social network.

It's where algorithms and popularity contests don't exist. 

It's your new online home; a safe and non-judgemental space where you can be a part of meaningful conversations, have authentic interactions and develop true friendships with women from all across the globe who desire the same things. To live life Ambitchiously.

2022 is the time for deep personal connections with kind, loving and like-minded women. 

If you find yourself: 

- craving real community
- missing out on real human interaction
- feeling sad, depressed or anxious after scrolling your newsfeeds
- linking your self-worth to how many likes, follows and comments you receive
- desiring to find like-minded local friends but do not know where to start
- hating social media because it feels forced and fake
- going through a spiritual awakening and feeling alone
- wanting to deepen your practices and rituals
- feeling like you are wasting so much precious time scrolling all day

It took me so long to finally put my foot down and admit that social media is yucky and is not authentic. I am not wasting anymore of my precious time.

 I am ready to lead you all into living the rest of your life the best of your life.

 Are you ready to take the leap with me and all of the other Ambitches from all over the world?


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